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Turn your house into a starred restaurant with a UNOX SUPEROVEN

Ph. Riccardo Callegari

Unox casa has chosen Studiolo 1844 to present the world premiere of the SuperOven, a new generation of domestic ovens.


On June 17th, 2021, our headquarters in Albignasego hosted three different meetings-events, attended by both professionals and clients, guests of Unox Casa and Studiolo 1844, who together organised a truly perfect day, down to the last detail. It began with welcome cocktails on the ground floor, prepared by Lucas Kelm, the Alajmo Group’s bar manager. After the presentation of SuperOven, guests headed up to the third floor of the villa, where they enjoyed the excellent dishes prepared by Andrea Valentinetti, Chef and Patron of Radici, and the extraordinary Unox chefs, who delighted guests with three different menus for lunch, the aperitif and dinner. Not to mention the “table service”, which was truly impeccable.

Unox is a well-established padua-based company and a world leader in the production of professional ovens: today it is present in over 40 countries, where in addition to its products, it also offers an unequalled client experience and extremely efficient technical assistance.

“More and more end clients started asking us to install our professional products in their homes”

explains Matteo De Lise, Unox Casa’s Director of Client Experience

“but we encountered various problems when installing them in a domestic environment, mainly related to size, aesthetics, and connections. This is why we decided to use our thirty years of experience in the professional sector to create an ad hoc product for the home. Indeed, the residential sector doesn’t have a reference brand for ovens that can guarantee professional performance. The best thing about the SuperOven, is the automatic cooking mode: this is possible thanks to an extremely intuitive interface, offering the same performance as an oven in a starred restaurant. It’s easier to keep the kitchen clean thanks to its hood, which absorbs cooking smells and fumes, and the self-clean technology that makes the oven look as good as new after each use, without the user having to lift a finger. Finally, the digital experience created around the SuperOven, involves and stimulates the client to feed their passion and improve their culinary skills, making it possible for them to create meals worthy of a Michelin star chef in their own home. The typical client who purchases a SuperOven, is someone who’s looking for maximum performance in the kitchen, and who is eager to combine their passion for gourmet food with technological innovation and Italian design. The SuperOven was designed to be an iconic totem, intended to attract the attention of those looking for the maximum expression of style and taste, in every moment of their life.”.

The experience starts with the possibility of getting to know the product in some of the most beautiful design showrooms in Italy, and continues when the client starts interacting with the SuperOven in their own home, thanks to Unox’s digital platform “Cook Like a Chef“.

In order to position our product in the best possible way”, continues De Lise, “we’ve selected the very best Italian design and interior design companies, all with same values, such as focusing on innovation, sensitivity to beauty and design, extreme attention to detail, and project management. We’ve found great synergy with Vittorio and Elena Bottacin, and the entire team at Studiolo 1844: it’s been an increasing pleasure to work with them, and our relationship has now gone beyond our collaboration. From today, you can find your SuperOven here”.