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Studiolo 1844 cocktail party

On May 25th, 2021, Studiolo 1844 held a Cocktail Party at its new Arclinea Flagship Store in Padua, during which Lucas Kelm – the Alajmo Group’s bar manager – presented his special Studiolo 1844 cocktail. Many guests attended the party, both clients and professionals, including the pastry chef Luigi Biasetto and his wife Sandra – who celebrated her birthday with us – the blogger Cristina Papini, and Gianni Fortuna, Arclinea’s CEO.

Here’s the recipe:

Studiolo 1844 cocktail by Lucas Kelm.

  • Italicus Rosolio (liqueur)
  • Angostura Orange Bitters
  • Tonic water (Fever-Tree Indian)
  • 1 Ice cube
  • 1 Bay Leaf.  

Glass: Highball.

Description: a delicious cocktail, with the bitterness of the tonic water offsetting the sweetness of the Rosolio; the bay leaf (which symbolises victory and power) adds a unique aroma and flavour to the drink.

“Italicus’ strength is the same as Studiolo’s: being aware that details make the difference. I wanted to create a timeless aperitif for all those visiting Studiolo 1844 to enjoy”, explains Lucas. “A cocktail-aperitif with unique and distinguishing ingredients. A drink with an Italian heart and an international personality: the main ingredient is Italicus Rosolio ( Bergamot Rosolio, Italicus’ most renowned product, was made from an original recipe from 1850. It was also known as the Court Aperitif and the Drink of Kings: Italicus is made with Italian ingredients par excellence, like Sicilian citron and bergamot from Calabria’s Ionian coast. The production process begins with the citron and bergamot peels being infused in cold water to stimulate the release of the essential oils, according to the traditional process known as “Sfumatura”. The cold liquid is then mixed with an Italian cereal-based alcohol, to which infusions of Roman Chamomile (grown in Lazio), lavender, gentian, yellow rose and lemon balm are added. Italicus has a strong, citrusy aromatic structure, with spicy and herbaceous notes reminiscent of the pungent aromas of gentian and the fragrant notes of chamomile, making it ideal for using in light and cool long drinks: it is best used in aperitifs, and I recommend using it to make an Italicus Spritz, with champagne and a garnish of green olives, or a White Negroni, with gin, white vermouth and a garnish of green olives. The extremely original tempered glass bottle, which is aquamarine with gold inserts in the label, was created by Giuseppe Gallo, in collaboration with the British agency Stranger & Stranger“.

The restaurant Baessato Padova set up a special space for our guests inside Galleria Europa, and also created the menu: Crispy Rice Tuna Tartare – Daikon and Carrot Salad with Thai dressing, served with a Tartare of Mazara del Vallo Red Prawn marinated in Coconut Water – Mango and Fennel Julienne with Lime, served with Marinated Salmon and a Wild Strawberry Dressing.