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Arte in villa reportage

Tuesday, December 14 was held in Villa di Albignasego an exclusive event, the first of a long series dedicated to art: extraordinary guest the artist Giorgio Tentolini, appreciated worldwide, and his beautiful works, that arise from the differentiated overlap of layers of metal mesh, patiently and expertly cut by hand and placed on a monochromatic backdrop. From the chiaroscuro differences the images emerge, and only when you get closer you understand that these are not drawings or paintings.

In the spaces of the villa, decorated for the Christmas holidays with a spectacular ceiling of helium balloons, during the event resounded the music of the “soul” of Gianluca Pistoia with his Handpan, percussion consisting of a metal alloy that produces a delicate and exciting melody. In accompaniment, guests enjoyed the sweet and savoury tastings expertly curated by chef Andrea Valentinetti of the restaurant Radici Terra e Gusto in Padua and the wines of partner Bisol.

Arte in villa” is the name with which Studiolo 1844 has christened a new path: everything has originated from the sense of responsibility that, from always, pushes Elena and Vittorio Bottacin to create environments and atmospheres for the quality of people’s living; places where the best furniture proposal is not only developed from an ergonomic and functional point of view, with the choice of excellent products and the optimal management of spaces, but also interpreting the style and wishes of those who rely on them, looking beyond what is expressed, with sensitivity and empathy. To complete every interior design project, together with design and architecture, Studiolo 1844 now also opens its doors to art, which will be expressed in the spaces of the Villa through events dedicated to painting, sculpture, photography, music, dance and theater.